The Dos and Don’ts of error code “QuickBooks error 6190”

QuickBooks offers multiple features for its users spread worldwide. Its main features are payroll services which include creating paychecks; Point of Sales for retailers and merchandising stores and managing inventories; and a ton of others. Users could opt for single-user or multi-user as per one’s requirements. In the single-user, a user has a single workstation setup and the company files are stored on the hard-drive itself whereas, in multi-user user can have as many as 30 workstations connected to a central storage PC acting as host or server. “QuickBooks error 6190” may occur whenever the user attempts opening the company files. One of the reasons why that happens is the company files user requires to open and work with is already in use by another user. Besides, it has a host of other reasons and it could be resolved using methods stated in further blog topics.

In the contrast, error code “QuickBooks error 6190” triggers while opening company files in QuickBooks, which generally happens. You can either resolve the error by yourself or call the toll-free helpline number 855-856-0042 for more relevant support.

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Causes behind the error “QuickBooks Error 6190”

  1. The company files user needs to work on are already in use or being worked on by another user.
  2. The user has recently upgraded one’s server version from a certain year to a year more than the previous one, for instance, from server version 2017 to version 2019.
  3. The user has not properly set up one’s server on a multi-user network.
  4. If on a multi-user network, the user has turned off hosting services on one’s host or server PC making it difficult for the user to access the company files on the host.

Best Practices to adopt to eradicate “QuickBooks Error 6190”

Solution-1: Run Quick Fix My Program utility in Tool Hub

  1. Exit the ‘QuickBooks’ application.
  2. Go to the desktop.
  3. Open the web browser and paste the following link into the URL bar-
  4. Save the ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’ set up in the desired folder.
  5. Locate the downloaded file ‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’.
  6. Right-click on ‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’ and select ‘Open’.
  7. Follow the directions demonstrated on the screen and comply with the terms and conditions to proceed with installing the Tool Hub utility.
  8. When successfully installed, go to the desktop and open ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’.
  9. Choose to run ‘Quick Fix My Program’.
  10. Select ‘OK’ to proceed.
  11. Wait for the Quick Fix My Program utility to run and fix general issues within QuickBooks.

If the solutions above don’t work, check for the QuickBooks version updates to stay updated with the latest security features and patches to resolve the error.

We have come after the blog to conclude. We hope that the above post about the error code “QuickBooks error code 6190” will provide our users with essential instruction on what causes the issue and also how to obviate it in the best possible way we could. We believe that through the comprehensive content in the blog above, we would be able to resolve a majority of our user’s queries generated time and again. However, if you have an additional query, you may call the toll-free number 855-856-0042 for better resolution.

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