Top 3 Tips to Grow Cannabis Business Social Network

According to recent surveys, the cannabis industry will be worth $39.4 billion by 2023. This presents various opportunities for Cannabis businesses (marijuana).

Networking is one of the best methods to boost growth. Cannabis business social networks can help entrepreneurs create a powerful online presence.

To use online platforms, one must learn social networking with professionals – the more you practice, the better you become at it.

Best Cannabis Business Social Networks

1. WeedLife – Its Facebook-style feed makes them popular. This is the latest social media marketing site for weed-related businesses. Check out what other weed enthusiasts are sharing. To do business, you can connect with them.

2. Weedable – It provides real-time information and a network specifically designed for cannabis enthusiasts.

3. Grasscity Forums – This is a social forum where you can answer your questions about marijuana.

4. MassRoots is a marijuana-related social network that allows you to list your product.

5. LeafWire – It’s LinkedIn for the marijuana business. It provides well-defined strategies that will help you improve your business.

6. Bud Hubz – You can add your canna-business listing to theirs.

7. MJLink – It’s a substitute for Facebook or Google advertising.

8. WeedMaps: You can list your cannabis business and get information about the best strains, stores, or dispensaries in your area.

Top 3 Tips to Grow Cannabis Business Social Network

You cannot jump into networking without a strategy. The following are the four main components of networking preparation:


Learn everything you can about the cannabis business, like operations, licensing, laws, terminology, supply chain, and anything else you can find before you start networking.

Establish Your Online Profile

To establish a successful business, a social media presence is the first thing you need. Because you need to be found in searches of LinkedIn and cannabis-focused network sites, ensure that your business appears accurately in search results.

Promote your cannabis business on social networks by: 

  • Offering quality content to educate your audience
  • Creating a compelling profile
  • Making use of hashtags to reach the organic audience
  • Following and engaging with related businesses

Develop Your Messages

Ask yourself what you will say to people when you start networking? Include a solid introduction and elevator pitch to excite people. Prepare more than one introduction for different networks.


Social networking for the cannabis business is similar to other business sectors. To be successful in networking, you need to tackle more professional challenges under the auspices of laws.

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