Tips on how to keep your router faster?

In the age of the twenty-first century, WiFi has become the part and parcel of our life. We need a router for WiFi for every moment of our life. For this, you need to keep your router as fast as possible. Here are some simple tips and tricks that will help you to keep your router fast as ever. 

Reboot your Router

Modern routers don’t need to reboot daily. However, if your internet connection is dead then it would be a great option. Rebooting your router is often all it takes to get you to restart everything and run the internet again. However, if you find yourself rebooting the router daily, the DD-WRT and Tomato firmware options both have timed reboot options. Set it to reboot once a day anytime, and you’ll never even notice the downtime while the router powers off and starts back up.

Add new Antenna

The modern routers have built-in antennas inside. But if the internet is too slow, buying an extra antenna might solve the problem. The router can be slow from time to time if there is too much distance between the router and the user. In that case, the antenna can boost the signal frequency, and thus the speed can be boosted. 

Update and Adapter & Powerline

The powerline and adapter must be kept updated from time to time. The powerline and adapter play an important role to keep the router faster. A damaged cable can interrupt the power supply also with the internet. 

Powerline network connectors work in most present-day developments by using the current electrical wiring in the dividers. Plug in a connector close to your switch and interface it to your switch through an Ethernet link. Plugin the second connector in the room or region where you need inclusion.

Username & Password

People often use the default password and username of the router. It is not the right way to set up a router. Even a normal hacker can easily hack these kinds of passwords. 

Utilizing a solid Wi-Fi password is similarly significant. While you may work really hard separating your gadgets into isolated groups, refreshing your firmware, and exchanging stations during high traffic periods, it’s every one of them a waste of time if your neighbors are piggybacking your Wi-Fi and utilizing it to downpour films the entire day. 

Optimize routers channels settings

There are a lot of free tools that will filter your neighborhood wireless transmissions for the channels with the least impedance. They will then, at that point, recommend which channel you should change to. You need to change the channel from inside the switch’s settings. Indeed, you’ll discover how to do this utilizing your gadget’s documentation or online assistance page.

Set up wireless security

It might sound pretty clear to a few, yet a lot of organizations are left open and unstable. In addition to the fact that this is a likely danger to clients of that organization, it can likewise cause sensational lulls, because of clients who bloodsucker off open organizations and hoard transmission capacity by web-based recordings or downloading huge documents. Sign in to your switch’s administrator page by exploring the switch’s IP address in a Web program, then, at that point utilizing the default qualifications to sign in. This fluctuates by brand, yet it’s for the most part exceptionally simple to discover, regularly on the lower part of the actual switch or in the item manual. Pick WPA2 as the encryption strategy and select a passphrase – something you can without much of a stretch recollect.


By doing these things above you can keep your router faster. The router price in BD is very reasonable.

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