The role of wearable technology for employees at the workplace

Technology has made significant advancements and has provided people with the gift of wearable. As per the statistics, 25% of people use wearable technology. We can see the increasing use of wearable technology in everyday life.

 For example, many people use their smartwatches to track their calories burned while running, whereas some use their smartwatches to make payments.

The future of wearable technology

In some ways, wearable technology has proved to be a boon for society, while in some ways, many people dislike the concept of wearable technology. For example, Google glass failed to leave its mark on the people and was not accepted by the masses, thereby leading to its failure.

There are two opinions of this wearable technology that need to be weighed and analyzed.  Many people use wearable technology at their workplaces that has really helped them to increase their productivity.

But some people are of the opinion that it has reduced the efficiency of the employees and hence should be not allowed at the workplaces.

Also, many people do not use it because of the affordability factor. Some people who find it expensive borrow bad credit loans and buy a wearable technology. Borrowing helps them buy a wearable technology of their choice and feel good about themselves.

Advantages at workplace

Increase in productivity

The concept of wearable technology has been introduced with the aim to increase the efficiency and productivity of people at the workplace and in daily life too.

At the workplace, many ways prove wearable technology beneficial, such as in the healthcare sector, doctors may use wearable technology to check a patient internally. With this as an advantage, the doctors do not need to wait for the X-rays or other scans. 

Wearable technology has helped solve many problems quickly and efficiently. It is benefitting both the business and the customers.

Increases employee satisfaction

Along with increasing productivity, it also focuses on increasing employee satisfaction. If the technology is utilized incorrectly, it can raise the spirits of the employees in a considerate manner.

Many years ago, when the Smartphone and WiFi were introduced, there was a hitch, but it had made our jobs easier. Also, it has increased the productivity levels at many workplaces.

With the increasing productivity, employee satisfaction also increases and they are motivated to work efficiently in the future.

You just have to select the correct wearable technology for your workplace, and you can make a difference in the atmosphere of your workplace and in your own performance. Choosing the right wearable technology will uplift your performance and make it worth it.

Lead to fitter employees

Many wearable technologies have helped people get fitter and become fitness freaks.

For example, many fitness trackers help you track your steps and calorie intake to push you towards a healthier future. It has numerous benefits to offer.

You can make the most of the tech investments

One of the significant benefits of wearable technology is that it makes it easier for you to connect to other technological systems.

Many technological devices need some integration to work effectively. In fact, some of the technological devices work best when integrated.

Disadvantages at workplace

Can be a reason for distraction

Smartphones are considered an essential invention for humankind, but they are considered a distraction too. Similarly, these wearable technologies are considered valuable, but at the same time, they are also considered a distraction at the workplace.

There are many attractive features in these technologies that distract you from your work if used at workplaces.  Most of the wearable technology is small-sized as it has to be convenient to be worn. It is easier to get distracted and play with small things such as a smartwatch or a Fitbit.

Not affordable

You can choose any wearable technology you want, but you have to check your budget as these devices are way too expensive and do not fall into everyone’s budget.

Wearable devices that genuinely offer benefits at the workplace are expensive. Many people are not able to afford these wearable technologies and borrow easy loans to fulfil their wish for wearable technology at the workplace.

Privacy issues

We live in a world where all information is not stored in technology, and the security of your data is the foremost concern. Data security and privacy are the primary concerns in any kind of technology to be used.

If you are wearing any technology that can be a threat to the privacy of your workplace, it can be a problem for you at the workplace. You could face some serious consequences at the workplace and maybe warn by HR.

Before using any kind of wearable technology in your office, you should continually assess the situation and check how your technology will impact the staff. Also, in severe cases wherein privacy is a significant concern, you can seek permission from your HR and then go for wearable technology.


Overall, the statistics reveal that employees using wearable technology at the workplace have shown an increase of around 8.2% in their productivity and efficiency.

Also, there has been an increase of around 3.4% in job satisfaction among the employees. But you should always consider the situations concerning your workplace and then make an informed decision for your wearable technology.

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